Z Security Cameras

CLEAR IT SECURITY customizes, installs, repairs and upgrades their premier choice brand ZOSI (Z) Security Camera SystemsCLEAR IT SECURITY ZOSI Security Cameras Systems

While we will install any brand requested to meet our customer’s needs, we prefer and recommend our systems. We do not make this recommendation without good reason and without comparing our system to others available on the market. We have installed various systems from Q-See, Night Owl, SAMSUNG, Swann, EZVIZ, ANNKE, Amcrest, LaView and many others. Is our system perfect or without flaw? No, but no system is for that matter. Let’s take a look at some of the things CLEAR IT SECURITY ZOSI Security Cameras Systems offers vs other competitors.

CLEAR IT SECURITY ZOSI Security Cameras – Build Quality

Nearly all security cameras whether bullet or dome manufactured today are made out of some form of plastic. Some

are so lightweight that they feel as though they have nothing inside them. Have you ever noticed what our Texas heat does to things left out in the sun for years? I know even Rubbermaid storage containers generally don’t look the same nor does it close as they did when purchased. CLEAR IT SECURITY Z-1080p cameras are made out of high grade aluminum. They are by far heavier and more solid feeling than any camera on the market at the cost we offer. Even our Z-720p systems, although made out of plastic, are heavier and more solid construction than any other plastic competitor. Even our screws are of higher quality and longer to ensure the cameras will be in place for years to come.

CLEAR IT SECURITY ZOSI Security Cameras – Night Vision LEDs

All camera manufactures have some form of night vision built in to their cameras. Night vision is a feature that is automatically activated once a sensor inside the camera no longer detects sufficient lighting conditions. All camera manufacturers advertise night vision up to X number of feet… usually 30, 60, 100 or more. This feature is made possible through the use of tiny infrared LEDs located around the lens of the camera. There are no guarantees when it comes to night vision and how far you can see as ambient light and camera placement vary. Our cameras contain more LEDs than most manufacturers which generally speaking… more LEDs means more light.

CLEAR IT SECURITY ZOSI Security Cameras – Heat based Motion Detection and other Gimmicky Features

Recently, manufacturer Night Owl released a system that claims heat based motion detection. We have installed several of these systems and based on feedback from customers the feature is a gimmick at best. Motion detection based recording on any system is considered unreliable at best and either gives false alerts, misses parts of motion events or doesn’t detect any motion. Our systems do not have heat based motion detection but do support motion detection recording. However, we don’t recommend or support using this feature as 24/7 continuous recording is still the most reliable method available.

CLEAR IT SECURITY ZOSI Security Cameras – Bullet vs Dome and DVR Storage

Nearly all systems sold today are pre-packaged with either 4, 6 or 8 bullet cameras and a 4 or 8 channel DVR with a 500GB, 1TB or 2TB storage drive. We are different. Most all of our systems are customize-able to your needs and specifications. Do you want 4 bullet and 2 dome? Or 2 dome and 6 bullets? What about an extra large drive for storing recordings for longer than the typical 14-30 days? No problem… give us your specifications and we’ll build it!

CLEAR IT SECURITY ZOSI Security Cameras – Viewing and Remote Access

Most all systems sold today come with at a minimum an HDMI port for viewing on a monitor or TV and an Apple and Android app for remotely viewing and playback via an internet connection. All DVR system brands mentioned above require a hard-wired Ethernet connection to your router for internet access. Our Z systems however, also have the capability of having a WiFi module added for wireless connectivity — an industry exclusive! FREE Apple/Android apps along with PC/Mac applications are available as well. Please note: the PC app is still newly developed and does not currently have a way to pause or change the playback speed via the PC application.

CLEAR IT SECURITY ZOSI Security Cameras – Other Options Available

All systems sold today come with a miniature mouse for controlling the DVR functions on a TV/monitor. We also offer wireless mouse upgrades and wall mounted monitor or TV options.

CLEAR IT SECURITY ZOSI Security Cameras – Warranty and Support

All systems come with some type of a warranty generally 30, 60, 90 days or 1 year available through the respective manufacturer but this yet another area where we shine! CLEAR IT SECURITY ZOSI security camera systems come with a limited 1 year parts and labor warranty coverage normal usage failures. An installation workmanship warranty is valid 30 days from installation date for any system installed by us whether it is purchased from us or not, that covers any issues with workmanship or installation of the system.

Please note, the installation workmanship warranty does not cover labor required to diagnose and/or replace any failure or customer owned equipment issues not caused by CITS. As a courtesy to our customers which purchase a CLEAR IT SECURITY ZOSI system with installation, we include a 1 year warranty that covers labor charges required to diagnose and repair or replace faulty equipment for only a $75.00 trip charge per incident. Extended warranty coverage options are available.

CLEAR IT SECURITY ZOSI Security Camera Systems are a smart choice for Home Security in Fort Worth!

Consider all the time and money you will save by not having to call support and wait on hold for hours. Once you finally obtain replacement authorization you still must get a ladder, take it down, pack your equipment and mail it back. Only to wait even longer for it to eventually be repaired and sent back! Then once again get back out the ladder, replace and position your camera!