“I don’t need a security system… I’m protected by Smith and Wesson or Glock.”

While we fully support the right to bear arms and believe you should have one as part of your home defense strategy, we believe you shouldn’t have one without the other.

Why You Need Home Security 5

Top 5 reasons why YOU need a CLEAR IT SECURITY System

#1. Notification of alarm events via the Alarm.com app, text, email and/or talking keypad as they happen . . .

Let’s say you are at home, in bed… asleep… but you are awakened… You think you heard something… but did you?

With our advanced, talking, full color touch-screen keypads armed with voice alarm announcements and properly placed sensors on doors, windows with glass break sensors combined with indoor/outdoor cameras and Alarm.com you will know which  perimeter has been breached. We can place a talking keypad near your bed so you can hear the alarm announce the zone name triggered. You can also install the Alarm.com and setup instant notifications and alerts on your phone! With the Alarm.com app, you not only will you be able to SEE what happened but you’ll KNOW WHERE YOU NEED TO AIM!

And while you taking care of the unwanted guest… a signal is being sent to the alarm company who will be notifying the police and medical professionals where they can find the perp. Also, should you not be home at the time of the break-in, a properly armed system will notify the monitoring company who will notify you and dispatch the police (if needed) so that your Smith and Wesson or Glock is still where you left it.

Remember, home security is a part of a strategy to maximize home defense and minimize loss of property. Make sure you strategy includes the Alarm.com app with notifications enabled and cameras such as doorbell cameras as well so you can be notified when unknown and unwanted guests arrive.

#2. Know what’s going on while you are away . . .

Haven’t you ever wished there were 2 of you? Me too… but there’s not. So who is waiting for you at home checking out your gun collection? Hopefully no one… but you can’t be sure unless you have an alarm system with notifications. With an adequate CLEAR IT SECURITY Alarm.com System you would know if anyone entered your residence and when before you get back home via the Alarm.com app history of events, notifications and camera recordings. Add a doorbell camera and you’ll know in real-time, every time you have a visitor at your door. What are your pets or kids doing all day long? Keep an eye on them from anywhere! We can install cameras with 2-way audio as well!

#3. Notification of non-alarm open/close events 24/7 on your gun safe, safe room, liquor cabinet, bedroom door, teenager’s window or anything else you need to keep tabs on is accessed!

Having a security system with sensors set to always notify when open/closed is like having a security guard present 24/7. No longer will you wonder if someone has been in your safe, liquor cabinet or your teenager snuck out their window last night.  Talk about peace of mind!

#4. A CLEAR IT SECURITY system is so much more than just home security . . .

The security systems we install utilize the latest in wireless technology and are constantly being updated to support additional devices via firmware upgrades. Our panels support Z-Wave devices and are Z-Wave controllers allowing you to automate and control various devices via your panel and/or Alarm.com app on your phone from anywhere! Now you can control your thermostat, dim or turn lights on or off, open/close/lock/unlock or check the status of your doorlock and garage doors! Don’t forget we can also integrate medical alert devices in case of emergency.

#5. Save money on your home owner’s insurance, heating/cooling systems and electric bills

Most home owner’s insurance companies offer a 20% discount for having a monitored home security system. This alone can pay for the cost of home security! Not only that but think of the savings you’ll find if you add a Alarm.com thermostat, light controllers or other energy saving Z-Wave devices. You can set schedules, automate devices and so much more via the powerful Alarm.com platform.


“The alarm company contacted me and the police within a minute of the alarm signal but the police didn’t respond in time to catch the bad guys anyways so it’s a waste of money.”

Why You Need Home Security 6

While it is unfortunate that police response time may suffer during rare occasions when unusually heavy call volume exceeds police capacity and they have to prioritize calls based on human life… we do not believe that having a security system is ever a waste of money.

Most likely, as in many cases, just the sound of the alarm going off is enough for most thieves to abort their mission and take off running. I’ve experienced this myself living in Candleridge. Based on the footage I obtained with my carefully placed cameras I watched the high school kids hop my locked gate (in the pouring rain mind you), kick in my outside bedroom door and start to enter my bedroom… apparently they didn’t realize I had a security system as it went off immediately and fortunately they only took one step with their muddy shoes on my carpet and turned back running for the exit! This happened around noon on a school day while I was away working in the field. I received the alert on my phone, call from the monitoring company and verified the video footage within a matter of minutes. Had I not had a security system I’m certain I would have lost things that of great value and irreplaceable items.

I understand police departments have to make that tough choice from time to time. I can appreciate and hope their priority is based on saving lives over property any day. Remember, you replace your things but we only get one life.

BACK THE BLUE – They put their lives on the line for us everyday.

“Monitoring service is too expensive or I don’t like to do contracts.”

Let us know your budget and requirements. We are different. We have many options available. Give us a chance to earn your business!

“I can just use SimpliSafe or Smith Thompson Security, etc”

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