Support is included free for the first 90 days after a CITS system is installed, and thereafter if an authorized maintenance agreement is signed. Limited phone, text and email support is always available.

Some of the benefits of purchasing a maintenance agreement include:

  • Unlimited Software Phone Support
  • Surveillance System Trouble Monitoring
  • Faster Response to Emergency Service Calls
  • Faster Response to Non-Emergency Service Calls
  • Priority Replacement for all CITS Equipment
  • Discounted Labor Rate for term of Agreement
  • Discount on all Surveillance Parts and Equipment
  • Surveillance Consultation & Training Discounts
  • Software Updates and Enhancements
  • Annual Inspection and Maintenance Visit
  • Extended Warranty Agreement Discounts

CITS Service Agreements are an annual contract which either party may cancel within 30 days of contract
renewal. Agreements are invoiced annually or quarterly, depending on customer’s preference and can be paid by check, credit card, or ACH payment. Please contact your CITS representative for more information.