Security Cameras

When it comes to security and peace of mind, one of the best investments you should make is security cameras. Statistics show professionally installed security camera systems deter crime. You lower your chances of crime happening and you can keep an eye on kids, nanny’s or the elderly. See who’s at your door, around your home, inside or make sure you closed the garage door from your phone! And should something happen, you will have the evidence you need to do something about what happened.

Camera systems sold, installed and configured by CLEAR IT SECURITY are a great way to not only deter crime but also keep an eye on your property and loved ones such as your home, vehicles, children, the elderly or even your pets while you are away. We are the experts and offer more choices when it comes to home and business security and surveillance camera systems. Whether you need just one camera, 4, 8 or any number we have a system that will provide you the coverage you need. But we will even install one you purchased elsewhere.

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of systems available:

Traditional Wired CCTV Surveillance Security Camera System Install with DVR (most commonly used)

Wired Security Camera Installation Connection Diagram

Best Use: Home or Business Security, 1 Story Structure with accessible attic (2 Story OK if attic is accessible at all locations including DVR or if concealing wires is not an issue)

Wired surveillance systems consist of indoor/outdoor cameras and a separate DVR unit that records everything to a local hard drive. We recommend DVRs are installed in a concealed location such as a closet or in the bedroom near the TV. Cameras connect to the DVR by drilling a small hole for running cables from each camera back to the DVR. Live viewing and playback of recorded video is possible by selecting the TV or monitor’s input. A wired internet connection is required for remote viewing and playback via a phone or tablet. Recording times vary but generally are 14-30 days and the oldest recordings are automatically overwritten when additional space is needed. Quality of video depends on the resolution of the cameras.

Wireless Security Camera Systems (battery operated / no wires from each camera)

NETGEAR ARLO Wireless Security Camera System

Best Use: Apartment, Home or Business Security, 1 or 2 Story Structures without an accessible attic or if concealing wires is not an option

A wired security camera system is the most commonly installed but are no longer your only option. If you live in an apartment or house/building without attic space a NETGEAR ARLO wireless system may be the right system for you.

ARLO wireless camera systems consist of indoor/outdoor 1080p battery operated cameras and a base station unit. The base unit doesn’t have a DVR as it only records 7-Days FREE to the cloud. The base unit doesn’t store anything it can be installed near the internet router. Cameras are powered by 4 CR123A batteries which based of 5 minutes of motion per day last 2-5 months. Live viewing and playback of recorded video is only possible via the ARLO app or website. The unit only records clips of 10 seconds to 2 minutes long to conserve battery life and only when motion is detected by the PIR sensor.

Security Camera Installation Cost

You’re probably wondering how much it costs for surveillance camera system installation. So how much does it cost to install a camera system? Well that depends and varies based on the number of cameras and difficulty of installation among other things. Most companies don’t advertise or display their security camera installation costs online but now even Amazon offers security camera installation service.

As an example, Amazon installation charges for a very basic 4 camera installation starts at $495.09 for labor and $846.59 labor only for a very basic 8 camera installation. In comparison, our 4 camera jobs start at $400 and $750 for 8. Another CLEAR IT SECURITY advantage is Amazon doesn’t include remote viewing setup in the price — BUT we do! Check out Amazon’s page for more info on their camera installation service estimate.

Here are the top 5 things that you should consider that can affect your estimate:

  • # of Cameras and where you want them mounted — this is one of the biggest factors. Large homes – over 1500 square feet and especially 2 story homes require additional labor time and possibly longer cables or extensions to be ran.
  • DVR recording unit location in your home — Security Camera System DVRs require at a minimum a power outlet, 6 or more outlet power strip or surge protector and a HDMI/VGA monitor or TV for setting up and viewing your cameras.  Would you like to be able to view the cameras on TVs in your home or just a monitor? We offer a way to connect all the TVs in your home. Also, most DVRs require a wired RJ45/CAT Ethernet cable from your internet router for remote viewing but a CITS camera system supports Wifi!
  • Cable type and distance  — Wired camera systems require cables to be ran from each camera back to the DVR unit. Most systems come with 50-60 ft of cable. Depending on the type of cable used we may be able to use an extension cable but sometimes we must make a custom cable or order the appropriate length.
  • Internet router location — Again, most systems require a direct hard-wired connection to your internet router for remote viewing on your phone, tablet or PC. We can run a cable for an additional fee.
  • Attic accessibility — This is another one of the biggest factors. Some homes have very difficult, challenging or no attic access at all! Attics are used to run and hide the wires. Adding conduit or other ways of attaching the cable to the exterior will add additional costs.

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