Ring Video Doorbell Pro Installation

What’s included

  • Removal of your existing doorbell
  • Inspection, measuring and surface preparation work for your new Ring doorbell
  • Pre-drilling of holes into wood, mortar, stone or brick surfaces with anchors (if needed)
  • Secure mounting, weatherproofing and wiring of your new Ring Video Doorbell Pro
  • Face plate color selection and matching to existing door hardware (if applicable)
  • Secure mounting and wiring of the Ring power kit into your internal doorbell chime unit (if needed)
  • Assistance with Ring app download and installation on up to 2 phones/tablets
  • Note: You will need a working wired doorbell — new installations or modifications are extra

Professional & Licensed Installation starting at $99 per Ring device

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Need a doorbell camera? We offer all the Ring products and more including the new floodlight and spotlight cameras!

Ring (original Satin Nickle color) $130 + Installation
Image result for ring 2 faceplates
Ring 2 (Satin Nickle or Bronze) $200 + Installation
Image result for ring pro faceplates
Ring Pro (Multiple color options) $250 + Installation

Ring Floodlight Cameras

Image result for ring floodlight cam

Ring Floodlight Camera (White) $245 + Installation

Image result for ring floodlight cam

Ring Floodlight Camera (Black) $245 + Installation

Image result for ring spotlight cam

Ring Spotlight Camera $175 + Installation

Please note: Ring cameras include a free 30-day trial of cloud recording services. To record video beyond the free 30-day trial you must subscribe to a cloud recording plan. Ring charges $3/mo per device or $30/yr per device OR $100/yr for all devices on account.

Don’t want to pay for recording? Check out our CLEAR IT SECURITY Doorbell Cameras that don’t require a monthly fee and Surveillance Camera Systems that record and store EVERYTHING 24/7 for free!