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At CLEAR IT SECURITY reviews and 5 star ratings are a testament to the professional services and products we provide. Once you read our reviews, you’ll see it’s no secret that we strive to meet or exceed our customer’s requirements and expectations. As a matter of fact, total customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. Our guys don’t stop working or request payment until you are completely satisfied with the job performed.

We go out of our way to be different… way different. We believe being different is better. Many companies just want your money and take the easiest route to complete a job as quick as possible. Have you ever seen your phone, cable, satellite TV or any other company install cabling? They don’t care how it looks just want to get to the next job. Cables are ran along outside walls rather than taking the time to run them inside walls. While making a profit is essential to any successful business and it takes additional time — we don’t believe in cutting corners. We take pride in our workmanship, pay close attention to detail and treat your home as if it were our own.

We care about our CLEAR IT SECURITY Reviews and Ratings

Online reputation is everything these days. We care about our customers. Our goal is 5 star service and complete satisfaction — every job, every time! If you don’t feel your job was done to our 5 star standard, then our job isn’t done — please contact us immediately! Given reasonable expectations and the opportunity to do so, we will make it right!

However, we’d be so grateful if you’d take a minute to leave us a review on one or more review sites! See below for a link to our Google, Facebook, Nextdoor, HomeAdvisor and/or Yelp Reviews pages. Please read our review content policy.

We also would appreciate any referrals such as your family and friends that may be in need of our services. Again, thank you for your business and time!

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Responses to negative CLEAR IT SECURITY reviews found online

Fortunately, most customers realize the need to be honest and true when reviewing companies online as business owners have the opportunity to respond to both good and bad reviews.

Unfortunately though, there are people out there with bad intentions. We have identified and came across 3 different types of bad reviewer scenarios:

#1. A Mistake: We get it — mistakes happen. You clicked on 1 star by accident but meant 5 star and some how clicked post without any actual review. The one time we had this happen we contacted the individual. They apologized and immediately corrected the review. We commend them for responding appropriately.

#2. A Competitor Maliciously Trying to Tarnish Our Good Name: Thankfully this has only happened once and due to our review tracking efforts we were able to identify the person and have the review removed.

#3. A Customer Maliciously Trying to Tarnish Our Good Name: Thankfully this too has only happened recently and due to our review tracking efforts we were able to identify the person. We have tried numerous times to make contact and see exactly what the issue is and what we could possibly do to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, this person has hidden behind a fake name and refuses to communicate and resolve the issue. More on this person and the review below.

Google Reviewer: Educate Yourself (fake name — click on name to see all reviews by this individual)

CLEAR IT SECURITY Review: Installation was not professional. They did not show up on time. I did not get an actual receipt from either Jason or David. (1 star)

CITS Response: We continue to try and resolve this issue but unfortunately due to the cowardliness of the reviewer we have not heard back as of 11/28/17.