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Access Control Panel

Access Control Panel


Supports up to 4 Doors, 20k Users, 10k Events, Scheduling, Windows PC app, Access/SQL database


This is a great door access controller that can support up to 4 doors, 20k users (with time scheduling), 10k events recording, door opening by schedule, Windows/iPhone/Android apps and much more!

Conventional functions:

  • Offline operation (Server/PC not required for 24/7 lock/unlock operations or event logging once configured) 
  • Real-time multi-user supervision (via Windows PC app)
  • Photo display when valid card (via Windows PC app)
  • Flexible user privilege setup (via Windows PC app)
  • Remote unlocking (via Windows PC app)
  • Quick settings (via Windows PC app)
  • Revisable, printable and exportable Excel report form (via Windows PC app)
  • Alarm for long time opening or door held open condition
  • Alarm for invalid card swiping
  • Alarm for unlawful entry
  • Scheduling of Users access only during certain times/days
  • Scheduling of Unlocking and Locking doors at certain times/days
  • e-map

Professional functions:

  • Interface locking
  • Intimidation alarm
  • Integrated fire control
  • Anti passback and anti tail
  • Interlocking
  • Multi-card unlocking
  • Emergency double locking
  • Indoor population checking
  • Unlocking based on internal and external validation

Access Control Board Specs:

  • Communication: TCP/IP
  • Software Supportable Database: Access & SQL
  • Power Supply Input: DC/12V
  • Input Format of Reader: Wiegand 26 bit (All card reader with compatible protocol, such as Motorola, HID, EM, M1, etc)
  • Quantity of Readers: 4 units
  • Door Controlled: 4 door (Get in the door by swiping card, and get out door by button)
  • Quantity of Users: 20,000 users
  • Quantity of Event Buffers (offline): 100,000 event buffers
  • Max Distance from Reader to Controller: 100m/328ft (suggestion distance 80m/262ft)
  • Alarm for Long Time Door Open, Unlawful Entry, Intimidate
  • Fire and alarm linkage: If no connection with the expansion board, only has software interface alarm, and drive the computer speaker. If connected with expansion board, is able to alarm by hardware, if connected with strengthened expansion board, then is able to Security alarm
  • Compulsive open and close door at long time: Yes
  • Open door in remote distance: Yes
  • Inter block: Yes
  • Anti pass back and tail: Yes
  • Multi card open door: Yes
  • Open long time at specified time: Yes
  • Urgency locking: Yes
  • First card unlocking: Yes



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