At CLEAR IT SECURITY, we offer a wide range of network services in Fort Worth and the surrounding DFW area. IT is where it all started for us. We have over 25 years experience installing, troubleshooting, upgrading and administering networks. Everything from DOS to Windows… we support all versions. Have over 10 years experience running the entire the IT department for a small Aerospace & Defense company consisting of: wifi network services in fort worth

  • Installation, maintenance and planned upgrades of:
    • over 300 CAT6 keystone jacks with both phone and data ports throughout 120,000 square foot facility
    • over 150 Windows PCs, WYSE terminals, laser printers, barcode scanners, Zebra printers
    • 5 color multi-function scanner/printer/fax copiers
    • Over 50 NEC Aspire desk phones with NEC Aspire PBX + Telephony options
    • over 8x 24-port managed network switches
    • 10 CAT6 patch panels with both phone and data ports
    • 8 physical servers and 10 virtual machines running Citrix XenServer
  • Door access control systems
  • CCTV Surveillance Camera systems

So as you can see we have a lot of experience in IT administration and network services in Fort Worth. Which means if you hire us, you are hiring the best and fastest techs to handle your needs.

We take care of both residential and commercial IT network services. Here are some of the services we offer but not limited to:

Wired or General Network Troubleshooting Issues

Unable to get connected to the internet?

Can’t access another networked computer or server?

Can’t print to a network connected printer?

Need help with port forwarding for a remote access application?

Wifi / Wireless Network Troubleshooting Issues

Poor signal strength or dead spots in your home or office?

Slow speeds or no connection to the internet?

 No issue is too big or too small for Clear IT Security!

We are the IT experts for network services in Fort Worth and surrounding cities!

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