How to Use iVMS-4200 Client for Hikvision Cameras

iVMS-4200 is a versatile video management software for Hikvision OEM DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras, encoders, decoders and other Hikvision products. It provides multiple remote system functions including real-time live camera view, date/time search of events and recorded video playback, video file backup, date/time/license plate search of ANPR using LPR camera and more for the devices connected. When properly configured by CLEAR IT SECURITY it can be used to meet the needs of your monitoring task. With it’s easy-to-use operations and feature customization, this software can be used by surveillance projects of various sizes and needs.

Please Note: This guide assumes you have already configured your iVMS-4200 client. If you haven’t already downloaded, installed and configured the iVMS-4200 client, click here for information on how to do so.

Hikvision iVMS-4200 Client Software User Guide

These instructions are supplemental to the official Hikvision User’s Guide available here.

Main View (of Live Cameras)

This screen will show you a real-time, live view of your cameras. You can find the live camera feed view by either clicking the View [menu] > Main View or the Control Panel toolbar icon > Main View.

On the Main View screen, you can double-click on a view under Default View as follows:

  • 1-Screen – starts a full-screen live view of one camera
  • 4-Screen – starts a equally split screen live view of up to 4 cameras at once
  • 9-Screen – starts a equally split screen live view of up to 9 cameras at once
  • 16-Screen – starts a equally split screen live view of up to 16 cameras at once

To change cameras, simply drag the camera from the left side over to a window view on the right side.

Remote Playback (of Recorded Video from Cameras)

This screen will show you all recorded video from your cameras. You can find the remote playback view by either clicking the View [menu] > Remote Playback or the Control Panel toolbar icon > Remote Playback.

On the Remote Playback screen, you select a camera on the left, then choose the search range calendar icon on the lower left side to pick the dates/times used to search through. Once you have selected the camera, date and time you are searching through, click the Search button.

Once it begins playing from the time you selected, place your mouse above the time intervals (02:00, 04:00, etc) until the mouse changes to a hand tool. Hold down your left mouse button and drag the timeline left or right to advance or go back. Also you can use the playback toolbar to go forward, reverse, speed up, slow down, pause and stop the playback. Times/dates are also displayed on the right for quick access to certain clips.

License Plate Retrieval function (for searching plates and playing back associated video)

If you have one of our LPR/ANPR cameras, you can search for license plate recognized video recordings along with date/time information.

To enable this feature, first click on the Control Panel toolbar icon, then click Modules Customization under the Operation and Control heading. Place a check mark in the License Plate Retrieval option under Statistics heading in Modules Customization to enable the feature.

To search for license plate recordings, click on the Control Panel toolbar icon > License Plate Retrieval. 

Place a check mark next to the LPR Camera(s) you want to search. You can search for a specific or partial plate # by entering the characters known in the License Plate Number field or to see all plates leave it blank.

Now choose, the Start Time and End Time for the search. Click Search when you have entered all information and confirmed it. Please be patient as the Search… message is displayed.

Once the Search… message disappears, License plate pictures will appear in the center window if any match the search. Click on the pictures you wish to view. You can also click the play button in the lower-right screen to playback a video of the license plate capture.