Home Theater Rooms are quite common in new home construction as well as older home remodels these days and for good reason. There’s nothing better than relaxing in your own theater seats and enjoying your own popcorn all while watching the latest movies on a 10 foot projector screen! We have been installing, troubleshooting, repairing and upgrading home theater systems for over 15 years.

Home Theater Systems

A Home Theater System can be as simple as a home-theater-in-a-box setup or a bluetooth soundbar, but while it may sound okay for a bedroom, they are not the best choice for a home theater or family room setup. Home Theater setups typically consist of a 16:9 projector with a 10 foot screen or 70″+ size LED TV, a ONKYO or DENON 7.1 receiver, internet movie streaming box, Netflix, Amazon Video, Blu-Ray player, PS4 and XBOX ONE consoles. As you can image switching between systems can be very complex and difficult to operate at times using multiple remotes. That is unless you have our solution . . .

Universal Remote Setup by CLEAR IT SECURITY!

CLEAR IT SECURITY Universal Remote SetupThe latest advancements in universal remotes make operating your complex home theater so easy you don’t even need to push any buttons. That’s right, in addition to our basic universal remotes and full-color high-end touchscreen remotes or remotes controlled by an app on your phone… now with the power of Google Home and Alexa, you can just say what you want to do! “Alexa, turn on the home theater room” and as you start walking toward your home theater room… (you were in the living room after all and wanted everything to be ready and on by the time you got there!)… and from down the hall you can see lights come on and automatically dim to 20%, the projector screen is lowering, screen is turning on and your home theater is on the last thing you were watching!

4K HD TV Antenna Installation and Repair

Tired of paying for channels you never watch? Are your cable or satellite TV bills higher than your electric bill? Want to cut the cord?! Ready to save lots of money per month in programming fees for channels you don’t even watch? Then you need HD TV antenna installation in Dallas or Fort Worth by the professional installers at CLEAR IT SECURITY. All the major networks are available– FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS and typically around 80 more, depending on where you live!

Home Theater Projector Installation and Repair

Ready for a projector upgrade? Or if you don’t have one yet, we can help you pick the right one for your setup. Maybe your projector is acting up or won’t turn on. You might need a new bulb. Either way, we can troubleshoot the issue and recommend repairing or replacing it. Contact us for more info

Smart Home Automation (Lighting, Controls, Thermostats)

We can upgrade your home’s lighting, thermostats, door locks, security system, cameras, Wi-Fi signal and much more to make nearly everything in your home a smart home device. Once integrated, you can control them anyway you want. Manually at the wall, an app on your phone, an automatic schedule or have scenes created for combining tasks and creating routines. Contact us for more info

TV Wall Mount Installation and Repair

Let us mount your TV on your wall, above a fireplace, outside on a patio, in your garage or wherever you would like to watch the big game! Our TV Wall Mount Installation service is second-to-none.

If your TV is not working as it should we have the expertise and skills needed to troubleshoot the issue. Some TV repairs are not worth the cost to repair. For example, if your screen is cracked it generally is not worth the cost of repair as the screen alone is around 80% of the total cost of the TV! SAMSUNG TV’s have had a long history of bad capacitors. Contact us for an estimate on repairing your TV!

Whole-Home Wi-Fi Installation and Repair

If you have trouble with your Wi-Fi signal dropping or not working properly in areas of your house chances are your Wi-Fi router is not centrally located in your house. Another cause of poor Wi-Fi is wall construction that degrades signal and/ the size of your home is too large of an area for just one router. We can analyze your home’s Wi-Fi signal and determine the best solution for making your Wi-Fi signal strong everywhere in your home! Contact us for more info

Cell Phone and HotSpot Signal Boosters for ALL CARRIERS – AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile

Cell signal issues such as no signal, low signal, dropped calls and slow internet inside a home are usually caused by metal roofs, radiant barrier insulation, distance from cell tower and other issues. The good news is we can install a high-powered cell phone booster in your home or office that will enhance the signal to a much more usable point. Contact us for more info

Fast Wireless Home Internet Service with Unlimited Data

Fast 4G LTE Home Internet Service is now available that rivals wired-AT&T and Cable Internet providers. This service the best option for anyone who can’t get a good internet connection at home or remote locations. This service can be used with a Home Router for whole-home internet use or in a hotspot device for mobile or RV internet connections! It’s fast! Contact us for more info