Cable Guy Jim CarreyTired of paying for channels you never watch? Are your cable or satellite TV bills higher than your electric bill? Want to cut the cord?! Ready to save lots of money per month in programming fees for channels you don’t even watch? Then you need an HD TV antenna installation in Dallas or Fort Worth by the professional installers at CLEAR IT SECURITY.

Well then you picked the right time to do it! The over the air (OTA) antenna TV channel line up in the Dallas / Fort Worth area is ALOT better than it used to be. Prior to the switch to digital TV signals and HDTV OTA reception, channel programming and picture quality was poor. Today there are on average over 60 digital, crystal clear channels available to you with professional TV antenna installation in the Dallas / Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

OTA TV reception requires the right selection of HDTV antenna, cabling, splitters or boosters to get a stable, crystal clear picture and receive all channels in DFW. Don’t take on this task by yourself. Good TV reception requires the skills of a professional installer. Not to mention without adequate lightning protection installed outside when mounting an antenna outdoors, your home’s TVs and other major electronics could be at risk!
 TV antenna installation in Fort Worth and surrounding areas

TV Antenna Installation Near Me in Dallas / Fort Worth and surrounding DFW areas

No matter where you live in the DFW area we can professionally install a TV antenna for you. Worried about your HOA’s rules or how it will look on your roof?

No problem! We mount 99% of our an antennas in the attic for a super clean, hidden out of sight installation. Not only do you not see it, but you won’t need lightning protection. Nor will you have to worry about realigning it when having your roof replaced! It’ll last longer too.

The other 1% of our installs are generally are mounted on the side of your house or near the edge of the roof. 1 TV or 8 – it doesn’t matter!

No matter which way we install it, we start by taking the time to evaluate the best placement of your TV antenna and provide you with recommendations and options.

Depending on the number of TV’s installed, length of cables and other factors boosters, amplifiers and splitters may be necessary.

Standard Installation – What’s included

  • Initial On-Site Assessment and Signal Levels Testing (only if needed for remote areas)
  • Inspection, measuring and surface preparation work for your new HD TV OTA antenna
  • Temporary antenna setup and testing in proposed areas before actual permanent install (if needed)
  • Pre-drilling of holes into wood, mortar, stone or brick surfaces with anchors (if needed)
  • Secure mounting, weatherproofing and wiring of your new antenna
  • Drilling of holes for antenna wire to pass through home or building wall, cable running and sealing
  • Tuning and testing of signal on 1 TV
  • Typical installation time: 1-2 hours depending on conditions
  • Note: Poles, longer cables and other parts are extra

Clear IT Security HD TV OTA Antenna Installation in Fort Worth area – Estimated costs:

  • Antenna: $75-$100
  • Amplifier/Booster (if needed) $50-$100
  • Splitters: $10-$25
  • Coax Cables: $20-$50
  • Installation Labor: $95/hr (usually 1-2 hours)
  • Total average cost: $300-$400 (recoup this money after just 2-3 months of no cable/satellite TV programming bills!)

Trust the experts! We have pulled in over 60 digital channels from over 50 miles away out in between Granbury and Glen Rose!

Need an additional TV jack? No problem! We do alot more than just TV antenna installation in Fort Worth! Have you seen our other services?

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Example of all stations available in Fort Worth, TX – Southwest area in Candleridge:

TV Antenna Installation Near Me 1

Where would all the TV antenna installation in Dallas / Fort Worth be without CLEAR IT SECURITY?!