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Package Theft Prevention

Package Thief Running Away

Unless you’ve had a package stolen from your doorstep, you probably don’t give much thought to where it is being delivered or even considered package theft prevention.

But maybe you should.

Police departments and news stations around the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas have been alerting everyone about package thefts by criminals who are helping themselves to packages found sitting on doorsteps.

Package thefts are on the rise but we have package theft prevention solutions available.

Package Theft Prevention Solutions

Clear IT Security Doorbell Cameras

Most thieves don’t want to be seen, so at the very least, start with a CLEAR IT SECURITY installed Video Doorbell Camera. We offer the widest selection of quality doorbell cameras that allow you to see and speak to anyone that visits your home. Even if they don’t ring the doorbell, our motion-based alerts and video recording will let you know who is or was at your door!

Use the two-way audio feature to speak to visitors from your smartphone, tablet or PC, and let couriers know where to hide your deliveries. In addition, you can get instant mobile push alerts when anyone steps onto your property, so you’ll always know when packages are delivered or if thieves are lurking. If something happens you can easily save the video to your phone or tablet devices.

Clear IT Security DVR or NVR Camera Systems

As mentioned, most criminals don’t like to be seen, so naturally they will avoid homes with multiple visible cameras. In addition to a doorbell camera, have us install one of our DVR or NVR Camera Systems that don’t require Wi-Fi or internet access to record video, just power!

Additional Package Theft Prevention Tips

  1. Ship your package to a location where someone you know will be available to receive it, which may include your work address or a relative, neighbor, or friend’s home. Some shipping companies will allow you to choose a preferred time and date as well as to change locations when the package is in route.
  2. If possible and practical, request the shipment to require a signature for delivery.
  3. Track your package and request an email, text, or other alert about the status of delivery.
  4. If there are no other options, provide specific instructions about where the package should be left on your property. Choose a location that conceals the item, so that it can’t be seen by people walking or driving in the area.
  5. If you are going on vacation, place deliveries on hold until you return from your trip.
  6. If you frequently receive deliveries to your residence, consider purchasing a locking parcel delivery box that can be bolted down or secured.

Shipping Carriers – Additional Info for Package Theft Prevention:

U.S. Postal Service

You can authorize the USPS to have certain deliveries left at a back or side door, on the porch, in the garage, or with a neighbor (to do so, you’ll first need to create an account at and enter the package tracking number to see whether it’s eligible). Deliveries can also be held for pickup at a post office. Sign up for Informed Delivery at Informed Delivery is a free notification service that gives residential consumers the ability to digitally preview their letter-sized mail pieces and manage their packages scheduled to arrive soon.


With FedEx Delivery Manager, you can customize delivery times and addresses, have your packages held at a FedEx location, sign for your delivery in advance, and provide specific delivery location instructions. You can sign up for free but FedEx charges a fee for certain services, such as scheduling a delivery.


UPS offers a service called My Choice (the basic program is free) that gives you advance notice of delivery times and allows you to reroute packages to another address or reschedule deliveries for a future date. You can also activate a vacation setting to have packages held and delivered when you return home. UPS has a service, Access Point, that allows you to drop off and pick up packages at designated neighborhood businesses.


Amazon offers Amazon Locker – a self service kiosk located in shopping centers, retail stores, and elsewhere. Once you select an Amazon Locker, you receive a pick up code when the package is delivered. You can then collect your package up to 3 business days after delivery. If you fail to do so, the package will be returned to Amazon.

Remember, if you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood call your local Police Department’s non-emergency number (FWPD 817-392-4222) to make a report or dial 9-1-1 immediately for crimes in progress.