So you’d like to book an appointment online for a CLEAR IT SECURITY phone consultation or on-site service? GREAT! We look forward to speaking with or seeing you soon!!!

Just a few things to cover before you book your appointment online:

  1. We currently only provide installation, repairs and other physical labor services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Check our service area map to ensure you are located within our coverage area. If you are in Texas but outside of our primary coverage area, we may still be able to help but additional fees may apply. We will advise of any additional fees prior to the appointment. We do however, provide Hikvision camera, alarm system troubleshooting and other IT services via phone and remote internet-connection support to any location in the USA.
  2. Appointment start times (or the time you select below) are not guaranteed arrival or start times but simply a starting time in which you are available on the desired day. Select your desired date and 1-hour time window. We will try our best to accommodate your selected time window for the phone call or on-site service but due to the nature of our business our schedules can sometimes change or be affected by other appointments scheduled that day.
  3. ALL APPOINTMENTS ARE SUBJECT TO APPROVAL before they are considered valid bookings. If your schedule is not flexible and you need a more firm time, please indicate this in the notes section on the following page and we will contact you to confirm the availability of the time desired.
  4. SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS or NEXT DAY BOOKINGS (made within 36 hours) are also subject to approval and are subject to rush or emergency fees. We will contact you to discuss prior to arrival. In addition to booking an EMERGENCY or RUSH service online, please call us at (817) 715-8324 if you have not already done so to ensure we are aware.
  5. Our FREE On-Site Consultation does not include any troubleshooting — if you need any there will be a charge for this service!

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