CLEAR IT SECURITY has been providing the best doorbell camera installation service near me in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX ever since the first ring video doorbell camera was released in 2014. While the ring video doorbell camera was the first, it’s not necessarily the best solution.

SKYBELL Video Doorbell Camera

We are the video doorbell camera installation experts and have professionally installed nearly every video doorbell camera product available since the very first ring doorbell was released in 2014.

In addition to our preferred Hik-Connect doorbell camera, we install all brands and models of doorbell cameras such as the Nest, SkyBell, SkyBell HD, Ring, Ring Pro, and Zmodo Greet.

Video Doorbell Camera Installation Service Near Me – What’s included …

  • Removal of your existing doorbell push button
  • Inspection, measuring and surface preparation work for your new video doorbell camera
  • Pre-drilling of holes into wood, mortar, stone or brick surfaces with anchors (if needed)
  • Secure mounting, weatherproofing and wiring of your new video doorbell camera
  • Face plate color selection and matching to existing door hardware (if applicable)
  • Secure mounting and wiring of applicable power kit into your internal doorbell chime unit (if needed)
  • Assistance with video doorbell camera app download and installation on up to 2 phones/tablets
  • Note: You will need a working wired doorbell — new installations, repairs or modifications are extra

Video Doorbell Camera Installation Service Near Me – Cost

Our typical installation as described above is $125 but please contact us with the details of your installation for a custom quote or see if any discounts or specials are available. We want to be your doorbell installer!

Video Doorbell Camera Installation – Options and Challenges

While you may be perfectly capable of installing a video doorbell camera yourself or know someone that says they can, a proper installation can be a challenge for several reasons:

1. Existing doorbell chime compatibility: Mechanical, Digital, Electronic or Intercom-type system?

Most all video doorbell cameras require a mechanical (simple ding-dong tone) type chime and 16-24VAC transformer for powering a video doorbell camera. Digital, electronic or intercom type doorbell chimes are generally not supported and will not work properly without additional hardware or must be converted to a mechanical type doorbell chime with step-down transformer.

Do you know what kind you have and where it’s located? No matter what kind of doorbell chime or intercom type system you have we can make it work! — Even if it’s not working at all!

2. Existing Wi-Fi signal strength requirements

Video doorbell cameras that use Wi-Fi connectivity require a strong Wi-Fi signal strength and internet connection speed at the doorbell location for smooth video recording and live viewing. Walls, mirrors, metal, wood, brick, radiant barrier and other materials decrease or limit Wi-Fi signals. Proper placement of your Wi-Fi router is a factor in how good your home or business’ Wi-Fi signal strength is and how far it reaches.

A good Wi-Fi signal strength for video is generally between 50 and 60 dB when measured at the doorbell location. We can test your W-Fi signal and advise on the best way to improve your Wi-Fi signal, if needed!

3. Existing internet service provider connection speed requirements

Most doorbell cameras store video recordings in the cloud and as such require a fast internet connection speeds of at least 5MB download and 1-2MB of upload bandwidth. Your internet connection should consistently show above 5 MB download speed but more importantly, you should have at least a 1-2MB upload speed. We recommend using to check your internet speed.

Also check your bill or call your ISP to verify you are receiving the speeds you are supposed to and check for any available upgrades — TIP: sometimes you can get a free upgrade just by calling!

4. Installation surfaces, mounting options and power tools required

Most modern homes existing doorbells are installed on a home’s brick, stone or masonry wall near the door facing the street. However, this is not always the case. Some builders still choose to mount their doorbells on the wood trim of the door or even worse on a side wall that’s not even close to the door!

Most video doorbells are at least 1.75″ wide but some wood trim surfaces are only 1.5″ wide! Side walls are usually not good a choice without a wedge mount installation. Drilling into brick, stone and other masonry may require a hammer drill. No matter where it needs to be installed, we have the expertise and tools to accomplish the job!

5. Wired vs Battery-Powered Options and Non-Working Existing Doorbells

While some doorbell cameras such as the original Ring Video Doorbell and Ring Video Doorbell 2 have an internal battery and can be installed to operate by only battery power, it’s not an ideal installation method for several reasons:

#1 Battery has to be removed from the doorbell and re-charged frequently

Not only is removing the battery and charging the battery for several hours or overnight an inconvenience, it also means you are unprotected, vulnerable and worst of all — now you don’t even have a doorbell! You’ve got it on the charger, remember?

Wired doorbells work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

#2 Battery-powered devices have reduced functionality and have to wake up before recording begins

In order for the batteries to last more than a day or two like a cell phone, battery powered doorbells go into a low power or power-saving mode and only detect motion or the doorbell button pressed. This means that the device takes a few seconds to “wake up” and start recording once motion is detected. This results in a loss of event recording prior to it waking up and starting to record which results in missed event video details by only capturing part of what happened.

#3 Battery-powered devices can’t use your existing internal doorbell chime without other additional devices

Since the doorbell isn’t wired when battery powered it can’t activate your doorbell chime or ring without purchasing another device.

Repairs – Is your doorbell not working properly?

If your existing doorbell is not working we can troubleshoot and repair your system! You could Contact us today!

Don’t have any existing doorbell or chime system but want one?!

If you have a home or business without an existing doorbell button, chime and transformer setup; we can install one! Contact us for more information!