Alarm System Repair Service Fort Worth TXCLEAR IT SECURITY troubleshoots, repairs and upgrades all brands of home security, commercial and business burglar alarm systems in Fort Worth, Dallas and the surrounding DFW metroplex area. We even work on security alarm systems not currently being monitored or originally installed by us. Our licensed and insured alarm system repair techs are professional, knowledgeable and friendly.

As a sales ploy, many alarm companies will refuse to diagnose, repair or service un-monitored systems unless you agree to a multi-year monitoring contract. We do not require any of this. We even offer month-month service if you want to try our monitoring out!

Alarm System Repair Service for these brands and more . . .

While we believe monitored systems provide a great value and protection in a life threatening break-ins situations and property protection, we understand not everyone wants a monitored system. We respect your decision and will not pressure you into signing a monitoring agreement.

We provide alarm system repair service to our customers based on an hourly rate plus parts and materials cost.

It doesn’t matter if you have an ADT, Ranger American, DSC, Honeywell, Vivint or any other brand system. We work on them all and will save you money on alarm system repairs in Fort Worth and Dallas areas. Don’t pay $135 per hour or more when we only charge $95 per hour! We know our stuff and most problems can be resolved within an hour. Don’t get robbed! Contact us today!

Alarm System Repair and Common Service Issues

Master Code ResetAlarm System Master Code Reset

If you don’t know your alarm system’s master code we can reset the code. If you know your code but your system is not accepting it, your system may have lost it’s programming. If your installer code is not known, it may require your system to be reset back to factory default settings and all system programming re-entered. However, some alarm system installers will lock out or prevent access to the panel’s factory reset option! This means your only option is to replace the main board and re-program or upgrade your system. Buy your next system from us as we will NEVER lock you out of your purchased equipment!

System Programming

Home Security Alarm System Keypad Programming

Is your system setup and working as intended? Does the way it’s programmed make the best sense for your home or business’s usage? Do you have enough time to exit and enough delay to disarm your system? Did you know that your windows and non-entry/exit doors should be programmed to alarm immediately when armed and opened while your entry/exit doors should have delay programming? Home remodels, poorly setup systems and incorrectly programmed systems can affect your system’s integrity and usability. No matter what system you have we can make changes to your system’s programming.

System Trouble Light ON

DSC Alarm System Keypad Trouble Light ON

Alarm systems continuously monitor themselves for common trouble conditions, and if a trouble is found, your system’s trouble light will illuminate to alert you to a problem. Common issues are a low battery, loss of AC power, phone line or cellular communication issues, zone fault, zone tampering or loss of internal time & date.

Not Ready – Unable to arm or zone(s) showing open

Honeywell LCD Keypad Showing NOT READY

Not Ready usually indicates a zone (door, window, etc) is open and unable to arm without bypassing the zone displayed. Unless you actually have a door or window open on the zone displayed, this problem is generally caused by one or more defective, missing or misaligned sensors. Damaged wires and bad connections can also be the root cause of this issue.

False Alarms

Image result for false alarm

False alarms can be frustrating and costly considering most municipalities charge after 3 false alarms within 1 year. If your alarm is going off when the power goes out you may need a new battery or transformer.

Alarm keypad beeping

Alarm System Keypad Beeping

Most systems will begin beeping or chirping as a result of a total power outage or failure to recharge the system backup battery. After a power outage you may see a low battery alert on the keypad or hear beeping in your home coming from one of the keypads. Usually this is just an indicator that the backup battery needs to be recharged. Allow 48 hours for the battery to recharge. If it doesn’t stop beeping after 48 hours something may be wrong with the battery or transformer.

No power indication on keypad or No lights on keypad

16V AC Transformer for Alarm System

You may have a bad power transformer, wiring issue or other defective equipment.

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