Alarm System Repair

CLEAR IT SECURITY in Fort Worth, TX repairs and services all brands of home and business security alarm systems in Fort Worth, TX and the surrounding DFW area. We even work on alarm systems not currently being monitored or installed by us. Alarm System Repair Fort Worth, Keller, Mansfield, Arlington and surrounding areas!

Do you have an ADT, Ranger American or Vivint branded system? No problem! We can save you money on repairs. Don’t pay $135 per hour or more when we only charge $95 per hour! We know our stuff and most problems can be resolved within an hour. Don’t get robbed! Contact us today!

Common Alarm System Repair Fort Worth area issues

New home owner and don’t know the code?
Alarm System Repair Fort Worth
We can usually reset the installer code and set you up with a new master code. Although, sometimes alarm system companies will lock out the panel thus requiring board replacement and reprogramming the system. Buy your next system from us as we will NEVER lock you out of your purchased equipment!

Trouble light on? FC error code?
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Your yellow trouble light can come on for many reasons. Your burglar alarm continuously monitors for common trouble conditions, and once a trouble is found, the yellow light (or yellow triangle) will illuminate to alert you to a problem. Common issues are a low battery, phone line communication trouble or internal time & date is wrong or not set.

Not Ready? Unable to arm? Zone always showing open?
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Unless you have a door or window open this problem is generally caused by a defective or missing sensor.

False alarms?
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False alarms can be frustrating and costly considering most municipalities charge after 3 false alarms within 1 year.

System Beeping?
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You may have a low battery in one of your sensors or the system has other issues — either way it’s annoying to say the least!

Bad keypad display? Can’t see part of the LCD screen?
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You likely need to have your keypad replaced.

No power? No lights?
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You may have a bad transformer or cut wire.

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