Every one claims to be #1 or the best option when it comes to home security . . . But what makes a home / business security system or company the the BEST home security system?

It’s simple really . . .

The one that was properly planned for, professionally installed, fully supported and ACTUALLY WORKED when you actually needed it to work!

Yep, that’s right… No matter what your security requirements are, this should be the most important requirement.

After all, having something that actually works is the main reason for having a security system at all, right?!

So why choose CLEAR IT SECURITY?

Let’s face it. There are an overwhelming number of options out there and new products arrive every year.

Security products sold at a big box retail stores, on Amazon or eBay simply market their products for quick sales, DIY installation and do not advise of their product’s security weaknesses and limitations. While some products do live up to their claims, most DO NOT. This is where we are different . . . We are not marketing experts . . .

We are security experts and system design consultants. We offer full security audits, monitored burglar alarm systems, security camera systems, home automation, IT services and audio/video integration that actually works.

Ok, so who is CLEAR IT SECURITY?

CLEAR IT SECURITY is a leading monitored security system provider, technology integrator and technical services expert experienced in providing a wide variety of IT, audio/video security and alarm system technologies to residential and commercial business consumers for over 20 years. We are an independent, owner operated security company that believes in integrity, it’s people, products and services. Our strong relationships and commitment to our customers is the foundation of our company.

Our primary mission is to provide our customers with cutting edge monitored security systems that integrate with other devices in your home or office for a total smart home solution that you can control from anywhere in the world via your smart phone, tablet, laptop… anywhere you have internet, at an affordable price! We are a company that loves technology with broad engineering skills in integrated security and access control systems, closed circuit television cameras, doorbell cameras, intercoms and intrusion detection systems. Over the years, however, CIS has developed into more than a systems integrator. The CIS name is synonymous with dedication, attention to detail and above all else, quality to the customer.

We partner with Alarm.com and our Central Station response services provided is listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and meets or exceeds all of the standards of that agency.

We use our own installers to do all of our cabling, programming and mount all of our devices. We select our equipment based on your needs and quality, not price. We tend to hire and retain people we already know. We feel that this gives us quality control and our clients receive the best product possible.

CLEAR IT SECURITY’s Company founder started the parent company, CLEAR IT, LLC in 2009 after needing help with his rapidly growing one-man IT security consulting shop he began in 2003. The founder and it’s sales/technicians have over 30 years of security industry experience combined. The owner is involved with the company on a daily basis.

Meet Our Team

David Pfitzinger, CITS Consultant

David Pftizinger, Consultant

David, a native Texan, has worn many hats during his career. For every question there may be an answer and if there is, he either has the answer or is working on getting it. With over 20 years of retail customer sales/service, he has a proven track record of doing whatever it takes to get the job done while meeting and exceeding the customer’s needs. David possesses has a broad range of experience in home security, remodeling and construction projects. When he’s not working you can usually find him at home, working on his own home improvement projects ranging from staining wood to remodeling his kitchen or any other room needing some TLC.

Alarm System Repair Technician

Lohrentz Sube, Consultant

Larry has an extensive background in technology, construction, wood working, flooring and much more which makes him a great go to person and resource. His I’ll do whatever it takes attitude, dedication to customer satisfaction and attention to detail ensures the job will meet and exceed our customer’s needs. When Larry’s not working you can usually find him working with a 3D model on his computer.

Jason Pendergrass CITS Security Consultant

Jason Pendergrass, Consultant

Jason’s love for technology started at a very young age. As his mother would say, it started with his fascination of electricity… carrying fans and lamps around the house plugging them in until one of them sparked a small fire but that didn’t stop him. Soon after he was drawing house wiring “diagrams” complete with electrical outlets, switches and lights. Toys he received were disassembled just to see what made them work. Years before becoming a teenager, Jason stumbled upon his parents’ Commodore 64 computer sitting in a closet just collecting dust. He read the owners manual and started his journey writing BASIC programs, playing games and eventually running his 1st 300 baud bulletin board system or BBS. By the time Jason was a teenager, he had already hacked his way into so called secure systems just to see if it could be done. Soon after he began his career in IT working at a local computer store building custom PCs and networks from the ground up, performing upgrades, diagnosing hardware/software issues and eradicating viruses and resolving security issues. After working for several computer retailers and seeing most places just interested in their bottom line and not the customer’s needs, Jason felt it was time to provide a higher level of service. In 2003, Jason started working for himself has been serving customers and providing value-added products and services ever since.