Clear IT Security is your One Stop Smart Home / Business Security & Integrated Technology provider!

At Clear IT Security we install, repair, service, integrate and secure nearly everything within your home or business…


Burglar, Fire, Medical Alert and Smart Automation Alarm Systems

We work with all brands including 2GIG, GE, DSC, Honeywell, QOLSYS, NAPCO, GEMINI, ADT and BRINKS just to name a few! 24/7 Monitored systems with police/fire/medical response or self-monitored… contract or no contract… we offer more options than anyone and are flexible with purchase and lease options!

Virtually any system you may have can be upgraded to integrate with our ALARM.COM platform to make your home’s devices smart and connected! Control everything from your phone, tablet or now even your voice!


Surveillance Camera Systems, Doorbell Cameras, Floodlight Cameras, Hidden Cameras, Nanny Cameras, Granny and Special Needs Cameras 

We offer a variety of camera solutions and custom design our systems to meet your surveillance needs. Our CITS systems can record everything 24/7 or just when motion is detected within a specific area of the camera’s view. We can even set recording schedules, block out sensitive areas and/or setup motion alerts on specific cameras. No matter your needs we have the camera system solution you need. Already have a system you want installed? We can do that too!

CLEAR IT SECURITY Smart Home Solutions controlled by Alexa and Google Home!

Smart Home Automation: Door Locks, Garage Doors and Gate Openers, Access Controls, Thermostats, Lights, Cameras, Motion Sensors, Home Theater Systems, Remote Controls, Water Sensors, Sprinkler Controls, Energy Management and much more

Home automation systems are capable of controlling nearly every device in your home using your phone, iPad or by preset schedules. It’s getting easier to use and manage thanks to voice control systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. No longer do you have to open an app or use wall controls. Need to get up in the middle of the night? Just say: “Alexa, turn on my bedroom lights.” No fumbling for a light switch!

CLEAR IT SECURITY Universal Remote Control Solutions that work with Alexa!

Universal Smart Remote Control Systems

Are you juggling multiple remotes? We can simplify your home theater or media room systems with one of our universal remote control options. From simple LCD screen remotes to color touchscreen remotes to Alexa and Google Home powered solutions that can control lights and much more, we have the best solutions!

We custom program our remotes to give you one button access to the “activities” you want to do. For example, the “Watch Satellite TV” button might turn on your TV/projector, audio receiver, satellite receiver, set the appropriate inputs and allow you to control the ceiling speakers volume. While “Watch Netflix” would set everything to watch Netflix. Add Alexa and let the Harmony begin by just saying “Alexa, turn on movie night” and  the projector, audio receiver and Netflix turns on, sets the proper inputs and dims the lights to 50%.

CLEAR IT SECURITY TV Wall Mount InstallationTV or Projector and Screen Wall Mounting

Upgrade your TV or movie viewing experience by having a wall mounted projector or TV installed. We can hide your wires in your walls and install IR blasters or other devices needed to control your devices from another room or behind a closed cabinet.

We can mount on nearly any surface, even outside near your outdoor kitchen or pool! Brick, stone, metal, fire places – we’ve done them all and they turn out beautifully!

HDTV Free Over the Air Attic/Outdoor TV Antenna InstallationCLEAR IT SECURITY HDTV Antenna Installation

Tired of the high cost of satellite or cable TV services?

Chances are many of the programs you enjoy with your current provider are available for FREE and in crystal clear HD with one of our antennas! There are over 60 digital channels now available in the DFW area with more being added on a regular basis.

Add a TiVo or other brand DVR recorder and you’ll enjoy a TV guide and DVR for recording as good as or better than the one you use now!

We can setup as many TVs as you want using just one antenna. Please note: splitters, amplifiers and/or boosters may be required to receive all channels clearly and supply all TV’s in your home.

Have an HOA that restricts antennas? No problem! We typically install our antennas in your attic anyway!

CLEAR IT SECURITY Cell Phone Signal Boosters and Amplifier InstallationCell Phone and Hot Spot Signal Boosters and Amplifiers Installation

If you have no signal at all, dead spots or a weak signal inside your home or office but you can get a signal outside you likely need a Clear IT signal booster or amplifier installed. Other symptoms include: dropped calls, trouble making or receiving calls, calls breaking up or slow internet speeds on cell phones and/or hot spot devices.

Metal buildings, metal roofs or radiant barrier materials used in attics are all typical reasons for poor or no cellular reception inside homes or buildings. While they are great for energy savings and longevity they are terrible for any type of radio, TV or cellular signal!

CLEAR IT Administration and Computer Repair

Computer Repairs/Upgrades/Virus Removal/Tune Ups/Password Resets

Computer won’t boot up? Popup’s or redirected search results? Error messages? Slow or sluggish PC?
Running out of space? Can’t remember your Windows password?

Printer repairs… No matter what your issue is we have a solution! We are the IT experts in DFW!

CLEAR IT Administration Network Support ServicesNetwork and IT Administration Services, Printer Repairs, Firewall Configuration, Websites

Constantly dealing with network or access issues? Need CAT5 or CAT6 cabling installed?

Is your network administrator difficult to deal with? We’re not!

Need a website setup or help with your existing site?

Are you paying too much for phone and internet? Want to switch but need someone who knows how to cut it all over to the new service? You need Clear IT! We do it all!

CLEAR IT Phone System Repairs and Upgrades Phone and Voicemail Systems – Installation/Programming/Upgrades – Network/Phone Cabling

Is your phone or voicemail system setup the way you’d like it to be? Maybe you need your auto-attendant message updated, prompts updated, voicemail passwords reset, extensions renamed, buttons on phones reprogrammed? Strange calls to overseas numbers appearing on your bill? Beware not all techs lock down settings that can allow a hacker access to your system and the ability to make long distance calls free for them but not for you!

CLEAR IT SECURITY Bright LED Motion Activated Floodlights

Super Bright LED Motion Activated Floodlights

Let’s face it criminals love to hide in the dark.

We offer the brightest LED lights in the DFW area!

Not only are they the brightest but they only use 22 watts when on!

Major energy savers!

Contact us today for more information!

CLEAR IT Electrical WorkElectrical Work – Ceiling Fans, Lighting, Switches, Breakers, Wiring, Plugs and more

Do your lights burn out quickly? You may have too many high wattage devices on your circuit. We have solutions that will save you money every month!

We can replace your light or fan switches and outlets with smart switches that allow you to control your lights via your phone, tablet or set an automated schedule!

Need a ceiling fan or LED lighting professionally installed? We are the pros!

Do you have plugs that look like they are burned or smoked looking? Outlets that are old and have had the a lot of use over the years get worn out in the area where the metal pieces of the plug come in contact with the metal pieces in the receptacle. Loose plugs or bad connections are fire hazards! Have your outlets replaced before they cost you more by making your breakers weak and go bad as well costing you much more!

We also repair TV’s and projectors, Media Room Setups with Projector Screens, Home Audio/Video Systems. These are just some of the services we offer. We offer many other “yes we can do that too” services that are CLEARLY easier to use and operate because they are carefully designed within your budget, tailored to your home or business’s needs, installed and supported by experienced professional technicians. The only question you will be left with is… What DON’T they do?!

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