Image result for burglar caught on cameraSecurity cameras play a very important role in today’s surveillance and security systems. Security video is normally the one piece of irrefutable evidence that can establish a when, who, where and what happened in crime-related cases. However, sometimes due to some common security camera pitfalls or mistakes that can be avoided, the video does not establish empirical evidence that can be used in court. Camera selection, installation, configuration and setup are the most the critical areas to ensure you have usable video recordings. Cameras not only prove a person committed a crime, but they can even exonerate a person that did not commit the crime shown in the video.

The Best Security Cameras and Systems are installed by Clear It Security

The best security cameras available today are custom designed, built, installed and programmed for your security needs by CLEAR IT SECURITY. Our security cameras have all the features you need to help you protect what matters most. We specialize in weatherproof outdoor and indoor security cameras, featuring both dome and bullet camera styles. We offer a wide selection of advanced home and business security cameras designed to suit your unique security monitoring needs. Our HD security cameras deliver great picture quality, and our outdoor cameras are designed for all kinds of weather conditions. All of our models feature infrared night vision capabilities that will continue to keep your property safe through the night. We have versatile ceiling or wall mounting options that allow flexibility in installation.

We offer both DVR camera systems and NVR camera systems as well as stand-alone IP and PoE cameras that can record directly to an SD Hikvision First Choice for Security Professionalscard. We are a HikVision OEM white-label partner and only offer authentic US region equipment.

Vandal resistant designs and rugged exteriors ensure uninterrupted service should someone attempt to disable or destroy them. CITS wired surveillance cameras provide you peace of mind in knowing that your home or business is protected around-the-clock.

We are also License plate capture and License Plate Reading (or LPR) camera experts. Our LPR cameras support white/blacklist/access control/alarming of plates stored in a database that can be searched by entering a partial or complete plate number using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) similar to OCR software. Full logging of time/date, plate # in text form, plate picture and a video of plate capture is standard with our system. We can read plates up to 65 mph or more!

DVR vs NVR Security Cameras

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make when choosing a surveillance security system is whether you use DVR or NVR based cameras. The reason it is such a big decision is due to the fact that the systems utilize 2 different type of wiring.

DVR Security Camera Systems have been around for a long time and as such use coax (or RG59) cable for video transmission and a Siamese 2-conductor wire for powering the cameras. NVR Security Camera Systems have only been available in the last 10 years and utilize CAT5 or CAT6 network cabling for video transmission and provide PoE (power over ethernet) to each camera.

NVR Systems still cost considerably more than their DVR counterparts but offer the latest and greatest in technology. They are capable of higher resolutions, smoother video and more customize-able options.