Doorbells have come a long way since the first electric doorbell was invented in the early 1800’s. Doorbells once used simply to let you know someone was visiting your home can now upgraded to a video doorbell camera and become a security feature for your property.

Let’s take a look at just how much the doorbell has changed over the years and how you can benefit from the new technology.

Early 1800’s – Doorknockers or Bells


Before doorbells were available, door knockers or bells hung on the front door of a house and were used to alert homeowners that they had a visitor.

The first doorbells of the 19th century were mostly mechanical in nature. The device wasn’t as popular until the invention of electricity sparked electric doorbell chimes popularity during the early 1930s.

Early 1930’s – Electric Doorbells

Electric Doorbell

Electric doorbells quickly became common place in new homes in the early 1930’s.

These doorbells consisted of a doorbell button installed at the front door, hard-wired to a AC transformer and doorbell chime installed inside the home.

The operation was simple. Whenever a visitor pressed the doorbell button electrical current would flow from the transformer to the chime causing the chime to sound. Electric doorbells are still made today and remain a standard feature on new home construction.

1970’s – Battery-Operated Wireless Doorbells

Battery-Operated Wireless Doorbell and Chime

Battery-Operated Wireless doorbells became popular in the 1970’s and 80’s for homeowners who didn’t have a doorbell already installed.

These doorbells were very easy to install as they didn’t require hard-wired electrical connections and only needed batteries and a couple of screws installed in the doorbell button. The wireless receiver/chime plugged into an electrical outlet inside the home.

When the doorbell button was pressed, a radio signal powered by batteries was sent to the receiver/chime inside the home to sound the chime.

2012 – First Doorbell Camera invented!

Fast forward to 2012 and the first video doorbell camera is invented by Doorbot or who is now known as Ring. So what is a doorbell camera?

A video doorbell camera is a high-tech device that utilizes your existing hard-wiring, chime and transformer. It replaces your existing doorbell button with a WiFi-enabled camera, microphone, speaker and button in an all-in-one sleek device.

2014 – first ring Video Doorbell Camera available for purchase!

the first ring Video Doorbell Camera available for retail purchase!

2019 – Today’s Best Doorbell Cameras are available here!

Once properly installed near your door and configured for your Wi-Fi internet connection, anytime a visitor rings your doorbell all devices with app installed will display a live camera feed in real-time. You can choose to answer and speak with your visitor, decline the call discreetly or play a pre-recorded message (Zmodo only).

Want to know if someone is at your door? Thanks to motion detection and instant app push alerts you can even be notified of visitors that don’t ring your doorbell. You can check to see if anyone is at your front door anytime with the live view option. Visitors can be seen at night in total darkness as well thanks to the camera’s night vision. They deter crime and package theft as most criminals don’t want to be seen or recorded.

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